A case of monkeypox detected in New Caledonia

A first case of monkey pox has been detected by Médipôle, in New Caledonia. A warning from the DASS was sent in a note to hospital staff.

A first case of monkey pox has been confirmed in New Caledonia. A warning from the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DASS) was issued in a note to the hospital staff of the Médipôle, in Dumbéa.

However, the Territorial Hospital Center (CHT) wants to be reassuring. Hospital infectious disease specialists are not worried about the risk of an epidemic.

According to the World Health Organization, transmission can occur through close physical contact. All the answers to your questions can be found on this page. Public Health France provides an update on the evolution of cases in France and around the world here. The national public health agency speaks of transmission by direct contact with skin lesions or mucous membranes of a sick person, as well as by droplets (saliva, sneezes, sputters, etc.)

As for serious cases, they are extremely rare and only affect newborns, children and immunocompromised people. A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13.

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