A bracelet for Apple Watch for photos and video calls

The bracelet costs €283, however, which is only €16 less than a basic Apple Watch SE.

Connected watches have been around for almost ten years, and very few models have dared to embed a camera in their bracelet or case. A feature that could however have been practical. But did you know that there is an Apple Watch band, designed by an independent company, and containing a selfie camera and a rear camera?

That company is Wristcam. Composed of former engineers from Silicon Valley, and in particular a former Apple employee, this young Californian start-up has taken it into its head to develop and then market a bracelet of this type.

This new accessory has two cameras. The front, for selfies, has a resolution of 2MP, while the rear lens goes up to 8MP. Not enough to make ultra high quality photos, but it has the merit of existing. But the big advantage of the bracelet is that it is IP68 certified. Thus, the user can take pictures quietly under water or in the rain. The bracelet also has 8GB of memory, allowing you to store up to 2,000 additional photos.

Credit: Wristcam Inc.

One day autonomy

But the capture of photography is not the only advantage of this bracelet, since it also allows you to make video calls with another person. No need to take your iPhone out of your pocket! Only small problem with calls: the need for your interlocutor to also have a Wristcam. WhatsApp, Teams, FaceTime and others are not compatible, only the home application is supported.

That’s all well and good, but what power does the bracelet work with, you ask me. Well know that, like the Apple Watch, the bracelet is recharged using a proprietary connector provided in the box. The announced autonomy is one day.

For now, only two colors are sold, namely black and matte blue. At $299, the strap comes in two sizes, namely 38/40/41mm and 42/44/45mm. A green, limited-edition model is also on sale, at $399. It features an exclusive dial for the Watch.

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