A 1976 Apple-1 Computer Signed by Steve Wozniak Just Sold for $340,100

If you are one of those who have kept the first Apple products marketed before the 1990s, know that you have devices that have a high value. The organization The AAPL Collection located in the United Arab Emirates has just proven on eBay that Apple collectibles can sell for a very high price at auction!

Final price: $340,100

It’s almost surreal, an Apple-1 computer made in 1976 still functionalsigned by the hands of Steve Wozniak, has just sold for a spectacular price of $340,100.
The auction which lasted several weeks never seemed to stop with several people constantly outbidding, eBay users located in Dubai and all over the world.

What caused the craze for this Apple-1 is that it is one of the few copies still in operation, which is exceptional considering that it was designed 46 years by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

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The auction description explained:

This Apple-1 computer has been professionally restored to both originality and function. It is one of the few remaining Apple-1 cards that is almost completely original and in working condition. Unlike most surviving Apple-1 computers, it contains nearly all of the correct period components with the correct make, part, and production date for an “NTI” Apple-1 board. The exception is the four 74S257 data select multiplexer ICs which are Texas Instruments parts with date codes of 1977.

To avoid buyer dissatisfaction, the person behind the auction has made it clear that all components have largely exceeded their lifespan and that it was possible for the Apple-1 to stop turning on at any moment!

The Apple-1 was made in 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs worked daily in Jobs’ parents’ garage, a famous house located at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California.
The Apple-1 was one of the very first microcomputers for individuals, Steve Wozniak had included revolutionary components for the time, we found:

  • An 8-bit MOS Technology 6502 processor clocked at 1 MHz
  • 8 kB RAM which was expandable to 64 kB
  • A 1 MHz system bus
  • A ROM (read only memory) of 256 bytes

The Apple-1, a benchmark of auction success

This impressive auction which has just ended in the United Arab Emirates is not a first. In the past, Apple’s first computer has been very successful, such as the original version of the Apple-1 with its original packaging and a letter signed by Steve Jobs who sold to 133,250 poundson November 23, 2010 in London.

Things went even further on June 15, 2012 when an Apple-1 sold for $374,000 in New York, we remember a general stupor in the auction room when the participants did not want to stop and where a strong tension was felt. At the start of the auction, analysts estimated the Apple-1 at only 180,000 dollars, however they knew very well that the auction would go much higher, but probably not to such an amount!

The record of the Apple-1 is in the United States, on October 22, 2014, Bonhams sold a copy of the Apple-1 to the museum The Henry Ford of Dearborn, Michigan. This transaction was close to a million dollars, it was formalized at $905,000.

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