5 tips from Google itself perfect for planning your vacation

Planning your vacation can be much easier if you use these tips from Google for its Travel and Flights services.

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to plan your vacation now, in case you’re planning on going somewhere, of course. Google wants to lend you a hand to prepare for these very special holidays, already so close to the long-awaited normality, so for this it gives you 5 very useful tips that will make your job easier.

Specifically, these 5 tips are used for Google Travel, the company’s service that helps you plan your trips. We have already used these “tips” published on his blog, so we can tell you that they are useful for finding flights at the best price, for booking hotels in the right place for you and for finding other points of interest. that you may not have known.

Plan your summer vacation with the help of Google.

Ask Google to notify you when prices drop

Google Flights is the tool developed by the company with which you can search for flights. You can select the destination, the date, the number of passengers, see which companies are the cheapest and access a large number of filters to find precisely the flight that suits you best.

Until now, Flights could notify you by email when prices drop on the date you selected. This feature is still active, but now Google can also notify you when flight prices drop on any date.

If you don’t mind traveling at any time of the year, you can activate this useful price tracker. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Google Flights.
  2. Enter the data necessary for your search and click on the “Search” button.
  3. On the new page, check the “Any date” box that appears below the filters. By doing so, you will see a notice confirming that you will be notified by email when prices for this route are low.

Discover other destinations recommended by Google

Google Travel’s “Explore” tab can also be a great help in planning your trip. If you’re not sure which destination to visit, you can let Google suggest places of interest near your starting point. All you have to do is enter your destination and tap the pink circle that will appear there, called “Search nearby”.

Thus, several destinations accessible by car in a few hours will appear on the map. If you leave the computer mouse over any window, the kilometers you need to travel to get to that location will also appear. If you click on this destination, you will see its places of interest and the hotels where you can stay.

Use new map filters to find the best hotel

Google Travel’s hotel search engine has new filters that will help you find the best accommodation for you. There are four specific filters: public transport, areas with restaurants, places of interest and areas with businesses. In the “Hotels” section, you only have to enter the place, the date and the number of people for the reservation.

Then, in the upper left part of the map, you will find a small vertical window where the four filters we are talking about are located. Just tap the one you want to apply to activate it and show the results on the map. For example, if you want to see areas with restaurants on the map, press the button and they will turn orange.

If you collapse the map with the button above these filters, other good options for booking the hotel will appear on the left. For example, the “Where to Stay” feature, which shows you a comparison of neighborhoods in your destination city.

Discover points of interest near a specific location

On this map, in the “Hotels” tab, you can also check points of interest near a specific area. Enter the address in the search engine and activate the tab that appears at the bottom of the map, next to the icon of a walking person. This function shows you nearby places on foot that you can reach in 15 or 30 minutes maximum, you can select the time limit yourself.

If you click on the icon, a menu of options will appear where you can also select “By car”, so that it shows on the map the places where you can arrive by car at the selected time. As you can see in the following images, the area is delimited by a blue circle.

For example, this tool is useful when you go to a concert in another city and want to find a hotel nearby. Enter the name of the venue where the concert is taking place and configure that you want to search for venues within a 15 minute walk. This way, nearby hotels will appear on the map and you can comfortably get to the concert without having to use public transport.

Save your favorite hotels to find them easily

Another of the tricks that Google gives us to make it easier for us to plan our trip is to save our favorite hotels. When you find a hotel you’re interested in on Google Maps or Google Travel, click on it and press the “Save” button to add it to your saved items in your travel plans.

In the “Hotels” menu, you can quickly access these saved items via the drop-down menu that appears on the right side of the screen. Leave the mouse over it and a tab will appear where you will find your favorite hotels as well as others that you have recently viewed.

As we can see, Google has some very useful services when planning our vacations. From a comprehensive flight search engine to maps with all the information on points of interest, Google Travel is undoubtedly a platform that we must use if we want a trip of 10.

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