5 cases of serious illness confirmed in France, the point here

Who says summer period, says mosquito bite! And not just any, since at the moment, the populations must protect from tiger mosquitoes. A suspected case has been confirmed to be contaminated by the dengue fever. However, the individual in question has not traveled to the places at risk. But, the appearance of the symptoms no longer left any doubt…

How to protect yourself from tiger mosquito bites?

This is the fifth dengue fever victim after being bitten by tiger mosquitoes. The other four first cases appeared in the Eastern Pyrenees.

But, there is one thing that differs. It is that this fifth person has not traveled to the risk areas, 15 days before the appearance of symptoms of dengue fever. In fact, this was bitten by tiger mosquitoes in Perpignan where she resides. Today, his state of health is stable and there is no longer any need to worry.

What are the symptoms of dengue fever?

Altopictus is a mosquito control company that was contacted by the regional health agency (ARS). The latter will carry out investigation and awareness-raising work in the area of ​​avenue de Grande-Bretagne and La Pépinière park near the police station in Perpignan. People living in these areas will be arrested by ARS Occitanie and Public Health France. Indeed, agents will carry out a door-to-door survey to inform them.

All people who have had symptoms since the beginning of May must declare themselves. Dengue causes flu-like symptoms : sudden fever above 38.5°C, headache, muscle, joint or lumbar pain. But, no cough, runny nose, sore throat, respiratory problems or infected wounds.

Rest assured, in most cases, dengue fever is a mild disease that is transmitted from person to person through the bites of tiger mosquitoes. Whether they were infected with the virus.

How to avoid the multiplication of tiger mosquitoes?

To avoid the presence of mosquitoes in general, but especially tiger mosquitoes in the regions concerned, here is what you must do:

  • Do not let water stagnate in certain places, in particular in containers or green waste. Instead of letting water collect, you can fill them with soil.
  • It is also necessary to change the water of flowers and plants once a week. If the water stagnates in the saucers of the pots, put sand.
  • The flow of rainwater and waste water is done properly. Then, you have to clean the gutters, manholes, gutters or drainages.
  • Close or cover water tanks such as water cans, cisterns, basins. Think of the mosquito net or a simple fabric.
  • It’s the same for small pools that you don’t use. Drain water from tarps or treat water with bleach, chlorine tablets, etc.
  • Finally, remove all potential resting places for tiger mosquitoes by taking care of your green spaces. Indeed, you have to clear and trim the grass. Prune the trees. Then do not let the fallen fruits rot on the ground. Limit watering to avoid too much humidity.

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