10 years of twists and turns for a flagship project

Going back to the origins of the International City of Gastronomy and Wine is to measure all the importance that the promotion of this very French tradition can assume.

Launched in 2012 by the French Mission for Food Heritage and Cultures (MFPCA), the project for a city dedicated to the culinary arts follows the inclusion by Unesco in December 2010 of the French gastronomic meal in the Intangible Heritage of humanity. Six cities answered the call: Lyon, Beaune, Dijon, Versailles, Rungis and Tours. Competition promises to be fierce within the Côte-d’Or itself!

For Dijon as for Beaune, the stakes are high. Enhancement of food heritage, economic and tourist development… In front of the MFPCA, everyone puts forward their assets… even if it means biting their opponents? The mayor of Lyon Gerard…

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