10 unsuspected virtues of lemon

Fresh yellow lemon

We know itlemon is a powerful antioxidant. Source of vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system. Whether it’s to be healthy or look good, lemon is a real essential in your routine.

beauty tips

  • Exfoliating and softeningIe lemon will help you regain clear and fresh skin. It removes small marks of pigmentation such as dark spots or pimple marks.
  • An anti-acne lotion efficient. After a good steam bath, cleanse your skin with a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice every other day. Antiseptic, it will clean your skin in depth. To make a daily treatment, mix equal parts rose water and lemon juice in a spray bottle. Spray on the face morning and evening. Store this lotion in the fridge.
  • To have white teeth and remove stains, rub your teeth with the flesh of a lemon, once a week maximum, so as not to damage the enamel.
  • To strengthen fragile nails, mix 10 ml of vegetable oil and lemon juice. Soak your nails in it for 10 minutes, massage them in and rinse. To be done every other day for 10 days.

Health Benefits

  • powerful antioxidant, it fights cellular aging and stress. Associated with green tea, lemon would reduce the incidence of cancers.
  • A blood sugar regulator, lemon regulates blood sugar levels, as it slows down the absorption of the latter by the intestine. Thus, a dash of lemon juice in your dishes will lower the glycemic index of the meal.
  • Against sore throat, Dilute the lemon juice in ½ glass of lukewarm water. You can drink it every morning to boost your immune system, or simply do some gargling with this mixture.
  • Against body achesdrink lemon water regularly between your sports sessions.
  • Against canker soresdirectly apply a drop of lemon using a cotton swab, directly on the ulcer.
  • Against the flunothing better than a lemon-ginger herbal tea.
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