10 curiosities of Google Drive as told by Google employees themselves

These are the 10 curiosities of Google Drive that you always wanted to know.

Cloud storage services allow you to keep all your documents, photos and videos in a safe place and one of the most popular today is Google Drive, a tool that has just turned 10 years old, since it was released on April 24 of the year 2012.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of its file hosting service, the American giant published an article on its official blog detailing the 10 most curious facts about Google Drive as told by Google employees themselves.

Google employees reveal the 10 most curious facts about Google Drive

To celebrate 10 years of Google Drive, the American firm has asked the workers who have been part of this project over the past decade to share their memories, anecdotes, curiosities and even some practical tips with all users of this service. cloud storage.

Google Drive on an Android mobile

With all this information, Google has prepared a list with the 10 most curious facts about Google Drive, which we will detail below:

  1. When Google Drive launched, it was invite-only, and all employees received tokens, a kind of digital pass, that they could share with family and friends. It was a great satisfaction for them to see that people were using this tool they had been working on for so long.
  2. At first, it wasn’t possible to save Gmail files directly to Google Drive, but that was short-lived as Gmail attachments came to Drive in 2013, just a year after its launch.
  3. You can store many documents in Google Drive, but you might not know how many you can store in each document:
    • 1.02 million characters in a Google document
    • 10 million cells or 18,278 columns in a Google Spreadsheet
    • 100 MB of data in a Google Slides presentation
  4. The original Google Drive icon had the same design as today, except it was turned slightly to the side to look like a “D”. But since it looked too much like the Google Play Store icon, Google employees decided to rotate it up, as it suggests you’re downloading something from the cloud.
  5. Accessibility is a top priority for Google, so in 2014 Drive became screen reader friendly, a feature specifically designed for blind and visually impaired users.
  6. Laura Mae Martin, productivity expert at Google, shared a very useful tip for managing images in Google Drive:
    • Go to Google Drive
    • Click on New then on Google Drawings (Google Drawings)
    • Copy/paste, drag, download or import the image into Google Drawings
    • Once done, you can edit the image, download it in any format, and share it like any other Drive file
  7. If you have too much stuff in Google Drive, you’ll love the new Search Tabs feature, a feature that came to the cloud storage service in February this year and lets you quickly find what you’re looking for by applying a series of filters such as the type of file it is or the people working on it with you, among other options.
  8. Another of the big G’s priorities is the security of its users’ data and, for this reason, Google Drive has features such as suspicious file warnings or labels for sensitive files.
  9. In 2021, Google Drive for desktop has built-in backup and sync, making it easy to access files from anywhere and simplify file and photo management.
  10. One of Google employee named Darren who when his daughter got married the wedding planner shared with them all the photos from Google drive link.

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