Meaning of this Google notice

With Google Maps and Google My Business, businesses can easily boost their brand visibility. This is not only effective for those who evolve in the digital field, but also in all other sectors. Credits 123rf Today, Google goes further by offering a branding tool to allow customers this time to feel closer to companies. This … Read more

Tesla Semi Truck: pre-orders are open

Tesla’s long-delayed Semi electric truck may be available soon. Indeed, while no official release date has been announced, it is now possible to pre-order the vehicle. Interested parties can reserve their Semi truck for 4,000 euros initially. Then, in order to complete the reservation, it will be necessary to add 13,000 euros within the following … Read more

The waitress fed a “homeless” without knowing that it is a control of the direction of the restaurant, incredible!

With the rising cost of living and inflation, many people can no longer afford adequate housing. It is not uncommon to come across homeless people in the streets of our cities. At the sight of these individuals, there is confusion between compassion and fear. Some people are even afraid to approach them. Others behave negatively … Read more

Wall Bourse ends up sharply, fueled by Apple

Ten of the 11 major S&P sector indices advanced, with the financials, materials, consumer discretionary and technology sectors all gaining more than 2%. Investors were encouraged by data showing that US retail sales rose 0.9% in April as consumers bought motor vehicles as part of an improved supply and frequented restaurants. Recently sanctioned shares of … Read more