Use your iPhone to Add Leads instantly to your Email Newsletter

Add Email Leads straight to your list when you're out networking.

Signing people up on the spot is a win-win for everybody.

You're happy you got them on your list sooner. They're happy they don't have to remember to sign up later.

Follow Up Instantly to
have 7x more Success

An article in Harvard Business Review said that you have a 7x greater chance at meeting with key decision makers if you follow-up within the first hour. How successful could you be if you got people on your list and used email marketing to follow up instantly?

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Land in their Inbox... not in their Trash

90% of the business cards you hand out at networking events will probably end up in the trash.

Instead of relying on business cards, how many MORE customers could you have if you got people on your list when you meet them, and used email marketing to follow-up instantly and keep in touch regularly?

ProspectSnap makes it easy to add email leads instantly to your list by integrating with email marketing services you're already using like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and iContact.

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Make the sale today, not next week.

Why not get people onto your list while they're a hot prospect right in front of you?

By adding people to your list when you meet them at networking events, you increase the chances of making the sale today...while your prospect still remembers you. Buy ProspectSnap now >>.

Turn your phone into a sales-generating machine.

How many Business Cards do you hand out? How many 30 second pitches do you make?

Or.... How many times have you said “When you get a chance, check out my website!”

Every person you tell about your business has the potential to become a paying customer or a gold mine of referrals. But for some reason or another... most of them never end up visiting your site (let alone joining your email newsletter).

ProspectSnap lets you add people to your email list immediately...instead of leaving it up to them to remember to check you out later.

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  • Add prospects to your email marketing list using your mobile phone
  • Securely integrates with Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and iContact (account passwords are never saved to your phone)
  • Works for iPhone and iPad (Android coming soon)
  • Works when you don't have an internet connection
  • Easy to use in loud, crowded areas when you're juggling a bunch of stuff in your hands
  • Secure uploading of all of your prospect's data to your email marketing software
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“May I add you to my newsletter so we can stay in touch?
It only takes a few seconds from my phone...”.
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